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Lucas and I hit up Costco yesterday, and I was curious enough to pick up some Larabars. I was skeptical (I’m always skeptical with new packaged food), but as it turns out I’m in love with the Pecan Pie flavor. Or in lust. Whatever, these things are good!

I think I could probably replicate them at home. Perhaps after exams are over I’ll give it a shot!

Between those silly exams and finishing up assignments, I’ve been keeping busy! Truth be told I’m not much of a studier…I tend to do my thing throughout the term, and then go over the old material during the week or two before exams. I’m a solid Honour Roll student, so I must be doing ok…right? I’m definitely not in the majority when it comes to exam-time stress levels, that’s for sure!

Since I love input, here’s a little exam inspired question for you:

What are/were your exam and test-time study habits, and how did you keep yourself from going crazy with stress?


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