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I absolutely *had* to be at school yesterday. No choice in the matter. Things were going down that were of at least moderate importance, and I had to drag my sick ass out the door and through the snow to be there for them.

Oh yeah, this is what my city looks like right now. Spring in Winnipeg, no big deal…

15 minute round-trip to the library on Wednesday. Saw 6 people stuck in the snow. Awesome.

Anyway, since there is some unspoken rule in my life lately that things just cannot go smoothly, my body decided that Wednesday night was to be a night of no sleep. Guess who woke up yesterday morning with a grand total of 3 hours of Z-time? Yep, that would be me. Lovely.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a zombie when I don’t get enough sleep – especially under the 5 hour mark. Not only that, but not getting enough sleep immediately results in an afternoon urge to stuff my face with all things packed with refined sugar and fat. Think cookies, doughnuts or, failing those, chips.

I’ve spent years trying to fight these occasional urges with sheer willpower. It almost always ends in a ridiculous eating frenzy. So after waking and realizing my zombie-like state, I immediately began to panic about the cravings I was inevitably going to face. “Oh my God,” I thought, “I’m going to want to eat everything in sight and I’m going to have to stop myself and it’s going to be sooo hard! Why me? Why now?”

Then I stopped. And I thought. And I made a conscious decision to just chill and let nature take it’s course. Guess what? Not thinking about something constantly makes it easier to deal with. So what if I eat a few cookies? My life will not be ruined. I will not immediately gain 10 pounds. My pants will still fit. A cookie or two will not negate the exercise I do on a regular basis, nor the awesome foods I put in my body 90% of the time.

So would you like to know how my day went?

It was lovely. I walked around like a zombie, got some schoolwork done, and tended to my obligations. I ate a bagel for brunch, and 2 cookies in the afternoon. Pasta with broccoli and Alfredo sauce for dinner. Oh, and I was offered a Timbit that I refused without even thinking about it – because I didn’t want it.

A day of optimum nutrition? Obviously not…but I went with the flow and I have no shame or regrets. That counts for something. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it counts for a lot.


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