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Good: Skipping afternoon classes on a sunny Monday to hop a bus downtown.
Better: Spending your time downtown at the Convention Center to attend the ABA Show – which your boyfriend’s awesome aunt has provided you with a ticket for.
Best: Getting all of this for next to nothing:

Most Awesomest: Spending time with your favorite cousin-in-law. Yay!

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A while back (Saturday, October 25th, apparently!) I saw this post over on Cat’s blog. I remember being impressed, but thinking “Seriously…can’t afford it. Don’t even look at it.”

March rolls around and I realize that I’m running low on…everything. All of my shitty foundation/concealer is about to run out. Oh, and I need new brushes, before mine crumble to dust from being so damn old. Seriously, if I wash them one more time they may just disintegrate. So, do I:

a) Go buy some more shitty makeup that I’ve been buying just because it is cheap or
b) Pay the not-so-terrible price of $68 CDN for a Bare Escentuals starter kit from Sephora…avec brushes?

My credit card was already bursting at the seams so…why not? This finally showed up this week:

Thanks for the heads up Cat…I think I’m a mineral convert ♥.

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