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Yesterday was beautiful here in Winnipeg, so of course I spent the morning cleaning off my patio/wiping down furniture. The result was a very bare looking space (I can’t wait to get some flowers out) and a very inviting bistro chair. I ended up making this super yummy supper and settling down outside to enjoy the sun:

Grilled (broiled?) Cheese (Ched + Feta), Fresh Green Beans/Mushrooms tossed with butter and parsley

Lucas and I split a Half Pints Bulldog Amber – one of my favorite beers from my favorite brewery! Love it.

You might notice that those are, in fact, sushi dishes. I like to use sushi dishes for pretty much everything because they are the perfect size…no matter what you put on them, it always looks like you’re eating a LOT. Besides, they are pretty and I love them. J

So I have an idea. I think it’s a good one. I need a little input though!

I would love to coordinate a Kitchen Show-Off Day. As in a day where either a) Participants write a blog (with pictures!) about your kitchen, what you like about it, and how you overcome the things you don’t like so much or b) Participants can send me a picture of and tidbit about your kitchen and I’ll post them all here.

The Internet is plastered with food blogs. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the workspace behind some of the meals posted there?

So what do you say? Shall we have Kitchen Show-Off Day sometime this month? If so, would you prefer to do your own post (and let me know so I can link), or send me pics to post here?


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The Beginning

Gettin’ There

As far as it got before I left for 5 and came back to a cleaned-off table =(

The End

I go to college. =)

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On St. Paddy’s Day!

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