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Good Eats

Last night I made soup. Not just any soup – cream of potato soup with turkey sausage!

Progression from pot to bowl (with salad and a hunk of yesterday’s homemade bread):

I ended up eating the salad and half of the bowl/half of the bread hunk. Soooooo good.

You want the recipe? Good, because I snapped a photo of that too. I replaced the ham with turkey sausage, and added carrots. I could have added more veggies but I didn’t feel like chopping any more, so there you have it.

I dressed my salad with a drizzle of this heaven in a bottle:

Followed by angel food cake and this AMAZING yogurt. Yes, that says 8.5% m.f. That is why it is a sometimes food, and part of my dessert.

We picked up a lighter, more “every day” Liberté yogurt as well. Not light as in fat-replacer filled…just not made with cream. Apple Crumble or something. I don’t remember, and I’m not walking the whole 5 feet to my fridge to find out 😉 Why am I explaining myself, anyway? Geeez.

That’s all I’ve got. Make the soup, seriously.


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